Metro Heart Group,
Improving the quality of life.
of Metro Heart Group is to provide compassionate, quality cardiovascular care.
of Metro Heart Group is to be a principal participant and leadership group in the St. Louis health care market. All members are dedicated to improving the health, happiness and well being in our communities.
All of us at Metro Heart Group are dedicated to preserving and enhancing the quality of and access to cardiac care for all.
Our ability to continue to provide many in-office services is threatened. See what you can do to help.


Dedicated to improving the quality of life by providing state-of-the-art cardiology services and compassionate care, Metro Heart Group (MHG) is the premier, private practice cardiology group in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Established in 1994, Metro Heart Group of St. Louis, Inc. (MHG) is comprised of 3 cardiologists complemented by a highly trained clinical support staff. Dedicated to improving the quality of life by providing state-of-the-art cardiology services and compassionate care, Metro Heart Group (MHG) MHG serves three primary patient care offices and several outreach clinics in rural Missouri and Illinois.

MHG provides comprehensive adult cardiology services that include invasive and non-invasive diagnostic procedures, as well as therapeutic interventions. To support referring physicians and to achieve the highest degree of quality and efficiency available in the ever-changing health care industry, MHG physicians participate in all of the major managed care organizations and provide service to many of the major hospital systems in the St. Louis area.

Commitment to quality is fundamental to MHG. All physicians in the group must be board certified in cardiology with the majority of physicians maintaining additional board certification in interventional and nuclear cardiology.


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  • This website is for general information purposes only and is not intended to treat, diagnose or provide consultations with respect to any particular health condition or episode. Metro Heart Group will not respond to any requests for medical records or to any health-related issues or questions via the internet; these requests must be submitted to your physician's office in writing. Please contact the applicable Metro Heart Group office location for instructions on how to obtain such information or assistance.

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